Affordable Hornet – Bee – Wasp Nest Removal

hornet removal team

We offer some of the LEAST EXPENSIVE prices for Hornet Nest – Bee Hive Removal Services around Alpharetta, Dawsonville,  Duluth, Cumming, Johns Creek, Suwanee & More.  We pride ourselves on Quickly & Economically removing the hive.  

hornet inspection johns creek ga

WARNING! DO NOT HAVE SOMEONE SPRAY THE ENTRANCE WITH PESTICIDES IF THE HIVE IS IN A WALL. It may drive them deeper into the structure which is NOT what you want.

We have cutting-edge technology which allows us to QUICKLY locate the hive, cutting fewer holes into the wall and enabling us to get the job done more efficiently which saves you MONEY!

We are fully licensed & insured to remove Hornet & Yellow Jacket Hives as well as Honey Bee Hive relocation services.  Also, If you have a problem with Nuisance Wood Bee’s (Carpenter Bees) terrorizing your family and over-running the property… we can help!  Just call us to ask about this maintenance service.

Call us (678)935-5900

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Honey Bees

If you have a Honey Beehive, we can help relocate it.  Once the hive is removed we donate them to local beekeepers clubs.  Honey Bees are pollinators and it is absolutely necessary for everyone to do everything in their power to keep them around. <Read More>


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Bald-faced hornets nests are mummy-looking hives that are hanging from structures like eaves, doorways & trees.  They usually have guards watching for potential threats and as soon as you break the flight path – an alarm is sounded!  Beware! <Read More>


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Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets  (Yellowjackets) nests are most commonly found underground.  Sometimes we stumble upon yellowjacket hives inside a wall, ceiling or structure.  We have high-tech tools which empower us to find the hives quickly & easily. <Read More>